Elliott Stoddard

C# Developer
2515 S Chicago St
Nampa, Idaho 83686


I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) with over 22 years of professional IT experience in software development, systems administration, and project management.

My experience includes over 12 years of software development spanning ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET Core in C#. I am a positive and outgoing professional who enjoys solving complex problems.


C# (10 years), ASP.Net (18 years), MVC (6 years), JavaScript (18 years), JavaScript Frameworks (jQuery, Angular 2, VUE.JS, Knockout.JS) (10 years), Source Control (Git, TFS, and SVN) (10 years), MSMQ (2 years), MQTT (2 years), embedded systems (2 years), MS SQL (18 years), REST APIs (12 years), Web Services and MicroServices(10 years), HTML5 (6 years), CSS3 (6 years), JSON (6 years), MySQL (12 years), and SCRUM (5 years).

Certifications & Badges

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Web Applications Certificate
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Web Applications Badge
  • Exam 480 - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Badge
  • Exam 486 - Developing ASP.net MVC Web Applications Badge
  • Exam 487 - Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services Badge
  • MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) Certificate

Professional Experience

Senior Software Developer

November 2018 to Present
Boise, ID

Key Accomplishments

  • Created an MVC5 RESTful API web service for a web application to access an Oracle DB.
  • Designed a complex UX in HTML5 and Vue.JS with multi-variable filtering, Excel export, and one click copying of information.
  • Wrote a web application usage tracking system in a morning. It is now in production.
  • Found and fixed several problems in legacy applications.

Senior Software Developer

May 2018 to November 2018
Nampa, ID

Key Accomplishments

  • Created an MVC5 RESTful API web service for a document processing server.
  • Designed a complex UX in HTML5 and built a RESTful API for a web application hosted on Azure using an Azure SQL server to store data.
  • Designed several Windows applications to analyze data patterns. Included experimenting with Machine Learning (ML) to predict patterns.
  • Installed and configured a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 e-mail and web server.

Software Engineer

January 2018 to May 2018
Ambient Sensors
Boise, ID

Designed and developed a Xamarin (C# .Net), iOS and Android application that used Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate and DFU Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 based devices.

Key Accomplishments

  • Worked with hardware and firmware engineers to develop a Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Wrote a Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) system in C#, .Net, Xamarin for Nordic SDK 14.2.

Left due to completing the assigned projects and a lack of clients for the business.

Senior Software Developer

August 2013 to January 2018
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Nampa, ID

Part of an International software development team in conjunction with team members in the UK and The Netherlands; directed the team in the development of a web-based applications instead of a Windows Forms application. Trained to use and deployed a vSat satellite communications system for disaster response. Traveled to remote bases in Indonesia, Europe, and Haiti to establish and maintain remote systems. Provide mentoring services for cross-functional internal teams on software development, Linux and Windows systems administration.

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed a C#, .Net, MS SQL and MySQL database backup, restore and transport software. This software automated the creation and update of a worldwide data warehouse of flight data for MAF.
  • Designed the archatecture for, and worked with an international team to develop an SPA (Single Page Application) in C# (.Net), HTML5, JavaScript, and Angular.
  • Integrated hardware and software for a custom flight simulator to train commercial pilots.
  • Hackathon challenge lead for three hackathons including two international events.

Chief Technology Officer and Business Partner

Nov. 2012 to Aug. 2013
Idaho Software Development Group
Boise, ID

Developed and implemented the business plan with extended profitability planning. Recruited and managed a five person, international team of developers, reviewing code to provide effective feedback.

Key Accomplishment

  • Generated revenue and ensured profitability of the organization within the first year.

Senior Programmer Analyst

2009 to October 2012
MedAmerica Billing Services Inc.
Modesto, CA

I worked from home for this California company, proving that I am self motivated and can work well remotely. Many times I took the initiative to develop software solutions that are still being used to reduce costs. These applications were not part of my assigned duties. One such application that I proposed was creating a web application that reduced the number of client licenses for an electronic document application that the company needed. This innovation saved the company thousands of dollars a year in software licensing.

Key Accomplishment

  • Developed C# web services and C# web service clients to pass HIPAA data securely from government, insurance, hospital and partner servers and locations.
  • Designed and lead a team in developing a C# service to automate electronic document handling.
  • Designed C# Windows forms applications that import, manipulate, verify and export millions of dollars worth of billing data.
  • Designed and developed a complete Productivity Tracking C# MVC application from SQL tables to HTML web interface using JQuery for dynamic Web 2.0 data interactions.

Chief Technology Officer and Business Partner

2006 to 2012
Word Harvesters
Lewisburg, PA and Boise, ID
  • Clients include Adobe Systems Inc., Swype Inc., and Cambridge Cognition.
  • Developed a system that collects millions of words from targeted sources and compile them into word frequency lists for different languages and regions.
  • Planned and implemented online marketing plan.
  • Built and maintained a Linux server that ran Sugar CRM, VPN , file sharing, and other services.
  • Hire and manage developers to create internal applications.

Senior Programmer

2008 to 2009
Boise, ID
  • Rewrote an C# TCP socket server with threading and better buffering so that Datablaze cellular devices could report twice the data per connection.
  • Proposed and developed an C# automated serial testing application for cellular modems and SIM cards.
  • Maintained and improved a web interface for cellular data collection hardware.
  • Developed JS interfaces for Google Earth and Virtual Earth so that the Datablaze web interface could use either mapping system with the same commands.
  • Developed a C# KML generator script that dynamically exports map data to Google Earth.
  • Added features to C# windows forms applications, including a very flexible file import routine.
  • Developed C# web services and applications that consumed the web services.


2006 to 2008
Furmano Foods
Northumberland, PA
  • Developed an VB.NET employee time accounting application that interfaces with other applications in the ERP suite. The application was written in OO VB.NET with MS SQL as persistent storage to provide managers with the ability to intelligently review and modify their employees' time records in an easy to use interface. Application used a business rules system to detect errors, and possible problems.
  • Developed an VB.NET sales analysis tool that allows the sales team to analyze potential sales. It was developed in Object Oriented VB.NET with multiple MS SQL data sources. The application retrieves data from several different data sources to provide the user with a variety of choices and data. When the user has completed a scenario, they can save the data, print a report, or open the data in a bid management application that I also wrote.
  • Developed an VB.NET production line accounting system that included hardware counters to record the efficiency of the can labeling and packaging manufacturing line. This application reduced the amount of user input by retrieving data from several other databases. By reducing user input, I was able to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and move the data entry duties to the manufacturing line.
  • Developed an VB.NET Point of Sale (POS) system for the company store. This POS interfaced with the employee benefits system to allow employees to purchase canned vegetables with a pre-tax savings account.
  • Maintained a complex VB6 set of application that tracks grower information. Wrote a proposal to re-build the system using OO principals so that the system would be more accurate and simpler to maintain.
  • Mentored team co-workers on Object Oriented design, stored procedures, security practices, and general VB.NET issues.

Chief Website Administrator

2005 to 2006
Lexiteria.com, AlphaDictionary.com
Lewisburg, PA
  • Worked with a team to build word lists, databases, and dictionaries based on customers needs. One of the word list collection methods I developed earned half of the yearly income for this startup in only three months.
  • Developed and conducted academic research about a software product (SmartWords) I invented that was marketed to major educational textbook publishers.
  • Managed, updated, and redesigned two commercial websites.
  • Developed applets in Java.
  • Took part in sales meetings with potential clients to explain the technical aspects of products and services.

Systems Programmer

2001 to 2004
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY
  • Developed an VB.NET internal website for the Wyoming State Chemical Lab to track their testing samples. This web application accepted data entry, printed barcode labels, uploaded information to the testing equipment, downloaded results from the testing equipment, read and wrote to a MS SQL database, and printed detailed reports. The test results were used in court as evidence, necessitating high data validity.
  • Developed an VB.NET database reporting system for College of Education faculty and administrator use. Consulted with the Dean of Education and nine Department Chairs to develop the reporting system to meet their specifications.
  • Developed dynamic database driven VB.NET educational websites for several grant programs.
  • Supported approximately 20 graduate student, faculty, and administrative users in the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center.
  • Developed an VB.NET content management system for the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center website so that the administrative staff could easily update the website.
  • Administered a MS Windows 2000 Web and a MS SQL server.

Manager of Internet Advertising

1999 to 2000
Aristotle International
Washington, DC
  • Built and managed an Internet Advertising Department. Developed SOP and training guides.
  • Instructed and coordinated a sales force.
  • Developed an accounting and customer support system written in Classic ASP.
  • Orchestrated the delivery of contracted items, and managed multi-million dollar contracts.
  • Attended sales meetings to explain technical products.
  • Developed new advertising technology and software. One patent.

Educational Software Developer

The School Company
Vancouver, WA
  • Developed five educational software titles for children in Macromedia Director.
  • Created animated characters, and their dialog.
  • Created educational games that re-enforced the main concepts of the application.
  • Software is still for sale by the School Company.

Instructor, Website Developer, Computer Lab Manager, and Database Developer

Bliss Computers
Jackson Hole, WY
  • Taught night classes on topics including: The Internet, MS Word, MS Excel, Computers for Beginners, and custom classes for local businesses.
  • Developed websites for Bliss Computers and customers.
  • Managed a PC and MAC lab with a total of 20 computers. The lab also had access to color production printers that I supported.
  • Developed databases for a variety of customers. This included developing a database of voters in Wyoming compiled from a variety of sources. These databases were developed in MS FoxPro and MS Access.

Assistant User Support Specialist

University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY
  • Supported users in the President's Office, and the Police Department. Was trusted to have the President's password and full access to his office when he was not in a meeting.
  • Installed network cabling for the Campus Police Annex Building.
  • Repaired hardware and software problems.
  • Trained users.
  • Managed licensing of SPSS and other statistical packages.

Systems Administrator

US Congress, Congresswoman Cubin's Office
Washington, DC
  • Youngest Systems Administrator on Capitol Hill at the time.
  • Managed the upgrade of the office computer system from a Unix terminal system to a MS Windows 3.11 system.
  • Trained users on GUI and correspondence management system.
  • Administered MS Windows NT server, 15 desktop computers and several laptops.
  • Managed RSA VPN dynamic password cards for remote access to the US House of Representatives network.
  • Repaired hardware and software problems.


CompTIA Security+

Meridian, ID
July 2016

Hack4Missions at Urbana 15

St Louis, MO
December 2015

Basic Satcom Professional Certification

Nampa, ID
March 2015 expires March 2017

MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)

Nampa, ID
January 2015 expires January 2018

Boise Code Camp

Boise, ID
2008, 2009, 2010, 2015

Captive Saint

Nampa, ID

MCSD Web Applications Training

Lakewood Ranch, FL
June 2013

Laserfiche Conference

2010, 2011


Orlando, FL

University of Wyoming

Major: Political Science
Laramie, WY
1992 to 1996

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