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Thank you for visiting K7TRY.com. My amateur radio call sign, assigned by the US FCC is K7TRY, and that is why I decided to make this domain name my personal web space. Each call sign is unique to an individual radio operator. I was lucky enough to get a call sign that reflects my own personal motto: try, try, and try again. Keep trying until you get the results you want. You cannot fail until you quit.

What is this?

I wrote my first website in the summer of 1994. At this time most people had not even heard of the Internet or the World Wide Web. This site is just a continuation of that 28+ year tradition.

This is more than a website. It is my attempt to replace the non-search services of Google in the cloud. I have been a GMail user for years, and I really like the service. But I want to move away from relying on Google. This domain is my replacement for GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Login Services, Google Drive, Picasa, and Chrome Sync. It also replaces a Microsoft service, SkyDrive.

The domain is my learning laboratory that I use to test out the best in Open Source Software. I use the tools that clients ask about, and experiment in providing services that small businesses need. This domain is served from my own virtual server running Linux. This server has been running continuously for a long time.

What I do?

At work I write, edit, and test software in C#, T-SQL, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, and many more languages and systems. Luckily I get to also experiment with Open Source systems.

Where am I?

I am currently unavailable. When I am online, please feel free to chat with me.

I live in beautiful Berea, Kentucky on a small farm where I have plenty of garden space and chickens. My house has three types of solar energy systems. The solar electric system has two sun following panel arrays. The solar hot water system has one rooftop unit. And the living room is designed to passively capture solar heat through 20 foot high windows and a thermal mass. For more info about my home, please see the pictures I took of it in 2021.

Since moving to Kentucky I have joined a volunteer fire department. In my teens and twenties I was a member of two departments. Being a firefighter was a great part of my youth that I am happily reliving. So far I have done a lot of training, and even been the first to fight a fully involved house fire. Thankfully no one lived in the house, so no one was hurt or lost their home. Pictures of fire training and responses in 2021 can be found here.

Thank you for visiting.

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